Prostitution is 100% illegal in Taiwan and the police do make raids on brothels, massage parlors, and KTV bars on a fairly regular basis. However their main concern seems to be with finding illegal immigrants. But if they do catch you in the act you'll likely be in deep shit. But if you're simply there with your pants on the police are unlikely to care.


In Taiwan there are 5 types of brothels: KTV Bars, massage parlors, and barber shops, spas, and hotels. Here's an overview of each.

1) KTV Bars: On the surface and once you get inside these places seem innocent. What sort of shady things could be going on here? It's just a bar, right? WRONG. These bars are like convention centers with prostitutes. You pay money to drink and sing with them. Then if you want to negotiate for further services outside the bar you can do so. However some places are rumored to even perform services inside the establishment. Other places are known to trap people and extort them for insane amounts of money under threat of a nice beating by mafia thugs. So choose wisely!

2) Massage Parlors: Nothing like a little massage therapy to bring you back to peace of mind. But so many places neglect the deeper, more primal needs that we truly need fulfilled. That's where Taiwan's happy ending massage parlors step in. But unlocking the special services usually requires visitors to select their most expensive service on the menu. Those opting for let's say the 1hr service may not experience the full range of options available. Most places offer a 2hr package with oil that let's staff know you're looking for a full body release.

3) Barber Shops: The barber shops and massage parlors operate in similar ways. They are just setup slightly different. The barber shops offer more of a 'hangout' experience. They often have TV's and couches to enjoy as well as the barber chair of love. While the massage parlors are often staffed by Vietnamese immigrants, barber shops are mainly staffed by Taiwanese women, which means they're more expensive. But as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for."

4) Spas: These Japanese style spas are heaven on earth. You walk in and put your clothes in a locker, then head to a huge open area with marble hot tubs, cold tubs, and showers. Once you've had your fill of the tubs, you head into a lounge area where you can either sleep, eat, or watch porn in a huge theater. As you're relaxing, old ladies in high heels will come around asking if you wish to go to another room for a massage. And for a hefty fee you can go there and engage in more nefarious activities.

5) Hotels: These hotels are often confused with love hotels where people go to cheat on their spouses. Differentiating them is often impossible and requires a game of chance. Upon finding and entering one of these hotels the staff will inform you that you can enter a room and they will send in a girl who you can either select or pass on. Once you make your pick it's exercise time!


Linsen North Road

This upscale red light district mainly serves Japanese businessmen. There are KTV bars where you pay to drink with attractive women who may or may not let ou negotiate for other services. There are also a number of upscale 'barber shops' where you pay for time in a room with a beautiful lady. What goes in those rooms is anybody's guess!

📍 Address: 104, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Lane 107, Linsen North Road, 84-1號B1

Longshan Temple Happy Street

This is the only spot you'll find street walkers in Taiwan. They are very skiddish though and the police patrol the area with increasing frequency. This is a more sketchy and dirty area full of pimps, drugs, and homeless people. Popular establishments include massage parlors and dirty hotels.

📍 Address: No. 242號, Kangding Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108

Songshan MRT Station

Right under the nose of people heading to the popular Rahoe Night Market exists a vibrant red light area mostly staffed by women from Vietnam. They come here to escape poverty and find work jumping from brothel to brothel.

They often come here by marrying older men and then just running away.

📍 Address: No. 19號, Tayou Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105

ZhongShan Spas

This is another hub mixed with both high-end and sketchy establishments. There is a famous Japanese spa where men go to soak in beatitude tubs and enjoy luxury amenities with the added bonus of a massage/sex room for a hefty extra fee.

📍 Address: No. 62, Section 1, Chongqing North Road, Datong District, Taipei City, 103